A downloadable Square Keeper

Square Keeper is a puzzle game, based in a card system, where each card gives the player the possibility to execute different actions, like a sword swing, shooting with a bow or simply walking.

Our protagonist is trapped in a dungeon with many rooms filled with different enemies and traps. 

To escape you have to be able to analyze correctly your options and defeat the enemies so that de room's gate opens.

There's many rooms waiting to be discovered and solved. Play your cards well!


Soon available on Steam, Xbox One, PS Store and Nintendo Switch!!!




  • Our game has a total of 45 levels, divided along 5 pages in the book, each page has 9 levels but only the first 6 are unlocked.
  • Once you beat the 6th level of the page, the last 3 levels of that page (hard levels) and the next 6 levels of the next page are unlocked.
  • On each room you receive a specific set of cards for the level.
  • To use a card, you can tap or hold along the set of cards to select any of them, once one of them is selected, you just have to drag your finger anywhere above the cards to chose the direction where the action is going to take place.

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Winner of ENTI Demo Day Best 2nd Year Game 


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Está muy chulo la verdad, sencillo y divertido. Yo lo que retocaría un poco sería el menú, me ha costado identificar el icono de cerrar el menú, creo que estaría bien ponerle un poco más de contraste o color, porque el "exit" puede dar a entender que es para salir del menú, no del juego (me pasó).

Por lo demás, la lógica la veo bien, la igu preciosa, eres tu el que aprendes sin ayuda de nadie y eso mola, y la música muy chuli y acorde con el juego.

¡Muchas gracias por jugar Square Keeper y por el feedback! :D

Nice Game! I filled the form with all the feedback that I got. This game has good potential!

Thank you so much for playing and filling the form!! Your feedback is going to be very useful for us ^^